I am raising a number of puppies each year. In upbringing, their owners or masters have a tremendous influence on the development of a dog’s behavior. I feel that with good breeding and from entire families of good dogs your chances are greater for having a good dog. Now you have to ensure that your puppy is given a chance to be all it can be. I like a social dog, I don’t like dogs to make decisions at a young age about liking people. I expect them to not discriminate. I want them to like and trust people. I make sure they have contact with lots of people. I pass the leash and the puppy to people I trust. I let them be held by someone and I leave the area. My dogs do not have a problem with separation from me, they have lots of friends. I expect my dogs to be social and I give them the necessary skills. I want the attachment to me, but I also want the detachment to be developed.