German Shepherds Overview

Haus Tyson is a kennel name that represents the finest quality in German Shepherd Dogs. We strive to maintain the highest breeding standards for the German Shepherd Dog.

Randy Tyson-Witmer has been dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog breed for over forty-five years, producing the finest quality of dogs. Her commitment to the breed is demonstrated in producing German Shepherd Dogs of sound temperament, excellent conformation and working ability.

Randy Tyson-Witmer: I have lived with, bred and raised German Shepherd Dogs for over 45 years and I am committed to the quality of the breed.

For more information on Witmer Tyson Imports, our Breed Standards, and our Guarantees, please check out the About section of this web site.

We currently have a beautiful young dog for sale.

A good shepherd is examining a baby

Tiffany Tyson and Italia vom Haus Tyson